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New Learning Lab Links Leaders and Students

Cato School celebrates its new space with faculty, staff, students, and board members.

11/16/12 -  

Cato Learning Lab

Back row, left to right: Rachel Schultz, Taylor Park, LaQueita Carter, Ashleigh Patterson, Sarah Hoyle, Sean Lindsey, Alecia Payne, Danielle Phillips, Lindsey Everhart.  Front row, left to right: Kelsey Case, Jacklin Akrivos, Suzanne Wallace.

On November 16, Queens' Cato School of Education officially moved into its new space on campus. Previously scattered among various campus buildings, Cato now has a home for its offices and classrooms on the second floor of Jernigan Hall. "We have new space. It's ours, it's new, and it's all in one place," says Dr. Amy Thornburg, associate professor and education programs chair.

The highlight of the renovation is a new learning lab for students featuring smart board technology. Elementary education major Sarah Hoyle ('13) says, "This is great for us to experience the latest technology and put it to use in the classroom." Her classmate Laqueita Carter ('13) adds, "This shows us moving forward and putting effort into the education system to make our teachers better for the region."

The ribbon-cutting ceremony followed the Cato School Advisory Board meeting, including representatives from the state board of education, CMS chief academic officer Ann Clark, local principals, and community activists. The group gave input and direction on Cato's strategic plan. Dr. Thornburg says, "It was wonderful to hear their input and thoughts on our plan for the next five years. They really help guide our program to make it effective for our students."

Several senior elementary education majors attended the ribbon-cutting event. They took advantage of a great opportunity to interact with some of the community's most influential leaders in education. Alecia Payne ('13) said, "This was a good opportunity for us to interact with our board. As we are going out into the workforce it will be helpful to know people in the district who have really important roles." Troy Moore, newly appointed Cato Board member and principal at Hawk Ridge Elementary School adds, "I was very excited to meet the Queens students at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Some of them will be student teaching in my school. I'm looking forward to the partnership. They are going to be able to bring things from my school back to Queens. The things they are learning here at Queens will better our school as well."

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