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New sculpture installed in Discovery Courtyard

imageThe installation of the new sculpture
10/09/12 -  

An inspiring new sculpture was installed this week in the Discovery Courtyard between Belk Chapel and the soon-to-be-opened Rogers Science and Health Building.  Queens' newest piece of public art was made possible thanks to the generosity of donor Ike Belk.  

Called "On Reflection," the 20-foot-high Cor-ten steel sculpture reflects artist Robert Winkler's signature use of twirling forms.  Winkler is an Asheville-based artist whose works are defined by his ability to manipulate volume, mass and balance to create a sense of movement.  He achieves serpentine, animated forms without a single curved cut, finding infinite variation within a limited number of shapes. 

In talking about his vision for the sculpture, Winkler said "The flowing forms represent two systems starting from a common base, one growing through faith and spirituality and the other through fact and calculation.  My work has a mathematical basis, eliciting questions about fractals and references to DNA.  But for me, the mysteries revealed by the movement of a simple element are profoundly spiritual."

A cross-discipline committee of faculty and students from the science and art departments, as well as the University Chaplain, came together to review potential artists for the Discovery Courtyard commission. 

Art Department Chair Dr. Siu Challons-Lipton led the committee. "We found Winkler's work both aesthetically beautiful and intellectually inspiring," she said. "The abstract nature of the sculpture really appealed to the committee.  As you change your perspective by moving around the sculpture, the sculpture itself changes-just as the intersection of faith and science moves as you consider those issues from different perspectives."

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