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Amy Doughten is a finalist in the prestigious Fulbright Program

Doughten, an adult undergraduate student, hopes to study the historical role of women leaders in the Basque region of Spain. Read More

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"And One Was a Priest: The Life and Times of Duncan M. Gray Jr." nominated for the 2012 nonfiction award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Read More

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The journal invites scholarly essays focusing on these writers for its biannual publication. Read More

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Leading American scientist shares insights during student lecture

Dr. Craig Venter's work in genomic research has been used to create new vaccines and clean energy sources. Read More

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"Sketchnoting: Doodles with Brain Power," explored the realm of innovative visual note-taking techniques to use in the classroom. Read More

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She spoke about African American economic advancement since the Civil War.  Read More

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It will fund "Telepresence: A Performative Meditation on Modern Technology." Read More

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Nitsch's students won top prizes in the Symphony Guild Youth Concerto auditions. Read More

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Dr. Shaul was featured in Que Pasa Read More

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"The Town Suicide" was in Cemetery Dance Read More

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