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Queens Graduates Its Inaugural School Executive Leadership Academy Cohort

Seven talented individuals graduate from a 14-month long program started at Queens in 2012 to better prepare school principals. Read More

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Updates from Dr. Ron Shiffler: McColl announces new hire Tracy Grooms to lead Banking Initiative Read More

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The McColl School of Business Launches Banking Initiative

Retired Bank of America executive, Tracy Grooms, will head up an initiative to establish a banking concentration within the Bachelor of Business Administration. Read More

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Professor John Bennett Releases New Book

"Coaching for Change" introduces a model that shows why coaching is the intervention of choice for driving organization change.  Read More

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Dr. John Bennett of the McColl School was part of a panel discussion on WFAE's "Charlotte Talks" regarding work life balance.  Read More

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ELC sponsors leadership discussion with Hugh McColl Read More

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Ben Freeth Visits Queens

Internationally known human rights activist to discuss the collapse of Zimbabwe's economy when the country's property rights and rule of law were compromised. Read More

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Updates from Dr. Ron Shiffler: New Positions in MSB! Read More

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Dr. John Bennett presented a session at the annual conference of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (OBTS) held at UNC-Asheville. Read More

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Dr. John Bennett assists at leadership and coaching development program for heads of independent schools in North Carolina. Read More

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Professor talks to Channel 14 about how more Americans are paying off credit card debt. Read More

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