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Craig Renfroe's work has recently been published in Thumbnail Magazine and an anthology of poetry and art. Read More

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Queens presents Arte Latino Now: An Exhibition of Latino Artists

Arte Latino Now Read More

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Julie Funderburk has a forthcoming chapbook collection of poetry to be released in May 2014. Read More

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Mike Wirth has completed a set of 42 print and interactive infographics and data visualization tools for a new Geography textbook. Read More

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Queens Chamber Singers announce their upcoming choral concert

Queens Chamber Singers announce their upcoming choral concert Read More

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Associate Professor of Religion Suzanne Watts Henderson is featured in a new curriculum called "Jesus Christ Incorporated." Read More

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Dr. Siu Challons-Lipton presents at HERA Conference. Read More

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Dr. Frederick Inaugurates New Provost’s Lecture Series

Nearly 100 people kicked off the inaugural Provost's Lecture Series event featuring Dr. Norris Frederick, the James A. Jones Chair of Philosophy and Religion at Queens. Read More

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Professor Mullis presented a paper on the Philosophy of the Body in Denver, Colorado. Read More

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Professor Wirth and one of his students have created an infographic on flipping the classroom. Read More

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Two of Julie Funderburk's poem were recently published by The Waywiser Press. Read More

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