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World Languages Instructor Erin DeBell and student Jeremy Hickman co-presented with colleagues from the Mandarin Institute at the STARTALK Annual Fall Conference. Read More

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Dr. Jennifer Collins and Adam Stevens, an M.A.T. student in the Cato School of Education, co-presented with their partners from Discovery Place at the Association for Science and Technology Center's Annual Conference in Albuquerque, NM on October 20. Read More

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Charles Israel, Jr.'s short story has been published in The Cortland Review. Read More

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Queens' MFA Program Outshines Competition at Literary Awards

Two Queens MFA Creative Writing Program graduates and an MFA faculty member claim the top three prizes at the Santa Fe Writer's Project Literary Awards. Read More

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The Unexpected

Queens is hosting a contemporary ceramic sculpture exhibition, featuring nationally recognized artists from all over the country. Read More

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Draw On Your Brain Power

Queens professors teach students that sketchnoting, often referred to as "doodling," can actually help them retain information taught in class. Read More

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The Fall 2014 English Reading Series gets publicity in the Charlotte Observer. Read More

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Mike Wirth completes another textbook project. Read More

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Sarah Creech is currently working on her second novel, which will be published in 2016. Read More

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Composer Malek Jandali '97 Discusses the Importance of His Liberal Arts Education

Composer Malek Jandali '97 Discusses the Importance of His Liberal Arts Education Read More

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