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The Unexpected

imageLarge Gear by John George Larson
10/24/13 -  

Clay has a long history in art and craft. Queens is happy to provide you with the opportunity to experience a show of contemporary ceramic sculpture curated by Assistant Professor Denny Gerwin.  Twenty two artists from all over the the country have sent their works to be on display at Queens' Max L. Jackson Gallery in the Watkins Building. The exhibition, entitled The Unexpected, can be viewed weekdays from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. and weekends from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. through November 24.

The show presents some of the less expected applications of the medium in sculptural objects from a variety of young artists (mostly under 40), the majority of which have had national recognition in the last couple of years. Artists represented include:

  • Kenneth Baskin
  • Dylan Beck
  • Megan Borland
  • Danny Crump
  • Isreal Davis
  • Emily Duke
  • Trevor Dunn
  • Aaron Flynn
  • Stephanie Galli
  • Jason Hackett
  • Heidi Kreitchet
  • John George Larson
  • Lauren Herzak-Bauman
  • Carrie Longley
  • Linda Lopez
  • Mathew McConnell
  • J.J. McCracken
  • Jonathon McMillan
  • Jonathan Mess
  • Adam Shiverdecker
  • Greg Stahly
  • Bobby Tso


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