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The Queens Chronicle wins an award as a result of design and technology advances

05/07/14 -  

The Queens Chronicle is flying high after being named the "Most Improved Student Club/Organization" in April.  The Chronicle serves as both a club and a class (COMM 213) within the Knight School of Communication. Traditionally, the paper focused on a print edition that featured stories about past and upcoming events; but Dustin Saunders '16, editor-in-chief, and his crew knew that to stay relevant they had to move into the digital world.

Associate Professor of Art Mike Wirth led the design changes, creating a new masthead that catches readers' attention and serves as a logo for the online version of the paper. Advisor/Instructor Mike Weinstein lends his experience and knowledge from his years in the journalism field and Advisor Bob Page serves as the technical guru.  

Dustin says, "We're doing things traditional newspapers are struggling to accomplish and learning a lot about journalism in the process."

He's referring to the excellent and timely reporting as well as the integration of technology into that reporting. There are live feed Instagram images, polls, Twitter hashtags, and even an occasional video interview. 

The other benefit of the updated website is the ability to deliver breaking news in a timely fashion. Dustin attributes much of The Chronicle's recent success to his fellow students, saying, "The team of student -journalists that write the articles and take the photographs deserve the credit.  It's their hard work that produces the content that makes up the newspaper." 

As Dustin heads into next year as editor-in-chief, he intends to engage with his fellow student-journalists in an effort to bring the Queens community up-to-date, accurate and easily accessible news via the web and print.

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