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Queens Designated As Voter Friendly Campus

03/24/17 -  

Queens has been named one of 83 campuses nationally designated as a "Voter Friendly Campus" by nonpartisan organizations Campus Vote Project (CVP) and Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA). We are committed to engaging students in the democratic process and ensuring that our student population is civically active.

College students tend to face many barriers during voting season. Voter ID laws, lack of information or abundant misinformation, transportation to polls and confusing residency requirements can discourage student voters from showing up on election days. Our institution has proven its dedication educating our students on the process to ensure that their voices are heard.

Throughout the fall of 2016, Queens served students and the community by hosting election forums with expert panelists, presidential debate viewing parties, student dialogue with journalists from around the world and transportation opportunities on Election Day. CVP and NASPA identified our voter friendly status based on how we engaged student voters in the fall of 2016 and how we facilitated voter engagement efforts on our campus. The partnering organizations conducted a final analysis of our efforts. Together with the other designees, we served over 1.4 million students in the fall of 2016.

Voter Friendly Campus

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