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Queens Mourns the Passing of Porter B. Byrum

03/31/17 -  

Porter Byrum

The Queens community is mourning the passing of lifelong friend, Porter B. Byrum. Byrum, affectionately called "Mr. B.," was a former Charlotte lawyer and philanthropist to higher education. He is responsible for the popularity of Charlotte's Park Road Shopping Center; he paid his profit forward to schools such as Queens when he sold the center in 2011.

Mr. Byrum said on his support of Queens, that "Education is a big thing in my world. My daddy never would have been able to put four boys through college, so somebody ought to pay back that debt. It makes me feel good to do that."

In March of 2015, Queens faculty, staff, students and friends gathered to celebrate Mr. B. as providing the largest gift to Queens to-date. South Residence Hall was renamed to Porter B. Byrum Hall in honor of his generosity. He provided Queens students with tremendous scholarship opportunities— over $20 million in financial resources.

President Pamela Davies said in a Charlotte Observer article on Mr. B.'s passing that, "Queens has lost a special friend and the world has lost a great man...One could not overstate the impact Mr. Byrum has had on our state, our city and our university. His generosity has transformed the lives of hundreds of Queens students by enabling them to receive an excellent education, and future students will continue to benefit from the scholarships he has made possible. His legacy will continue, but he will be forever missed."

Queens is thankful for Mr. B.'s contributions, and for his commitment to supporting our students.

Porter Byrum

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