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Queens Professor Featured at National Conference

11/24/08 -  

Dr. John A. McArthur, Assistant Professor in the School of Communication, presented his research during a featured panel at the annual conference of the National Communication Association in San Diego, CA, Nov. 21-24, 2008. His paper, Instructional Proxemics: Making a case for the study of space in instructional communication discourse, was part of a panel on unconventional learning spaces which was featured by the convention organizers. Dr. McArthur's presentation focused on the intentional uses of space in physical classroom environments to create opportunities for more effective learning. He is also researching the use of physical and virtual spaces which promote effective communication in other settings.

In addition to the featured panel, Dr. McArthur's participation in the conference included chairing 2 other panels -- one related to service learning and the other concerning the impact of digital technology on broadcast television -- and a G.I.F.T.S. (Great Ideas For Teaching Speech) presentation displaying excellent classroom practices.

NCA, the National Communication Association, is a non-profit organization of approximately 7,700 educators, practitioners, and students who work and reside in every state and more than 20 countries. The purpose of the association is to promote study, criticism, research, teaching, and application of the artistic, humanistic, and scientific principles of communication. For more information, visit

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