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Queens Welcomes New Associate Vice President for Campus Safety

imageRay Thrower returns to Queens
08/06/13 -  

Queens is happy to welcome Ray Thrower as Associate Vice President for Campus Safety/Chief of Police. Thrower returns home to Queens and to Charlotte after 23 years. He was previously Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police at Queens from 1986 - 1990.

Thrower has more than 35 years of experience in law enforcement, fire, emergency management and public safety administration, including a position at Davidson College as Director of Public Safety from 1990-1998. Most recently, Thrower served as Director of Campus Safety at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn. for 15 years.  During his tenure at Gustavus, Thrower worked tirelessly to improve relations and communication with public safety agencies. He also initiated and helped lead bi-annual full-scale public safety exercises and drills that allowed Gustavus employees to collaborate with local and regional first responders to practice responding to different emergency situations.

Thrower stepped onto the international stage when he served as president of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). His term as president came at a crucial time for campus safety and security as a result of the April 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech University where a shooter killed 32 people on campus. Currently, he serves as Chair of the Professional Certification Committee.

In response to the situation at Virginia Tech, along with subsequent active shooter situations at schools such as Louisiana Technical College and Northern Illinois University, Thrower co-authored the IACLEA Blueprint for Safer Campuses, which provides recommendations for campus safety along with a summary of successes and failures from the response to the Virginia Tech tragedy. He continues to contribute extensively to the national and international dialogue for K-12 and campus public safety and has appeared and been quoted on numerous media outlets.  

Queens is happy to welcome back Ray Thrower as he and his team work to preserve the safe environment of the campus.

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