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On Giving Tuesday, Queens students bond with the homeless community

imageQueens students bond with their homeless neighbors after a group run.
12/03/13 -  

December 3 was the second annual Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving to kick off the holiday season. A group of 16 Queens students made the most of the day by offering their support to the homeless community through RunningWorks, a local non-profit that encourages the homeless community to rediscover the power of teamwork, discipline, confidence and respect for each other one stride at a time.

Together with their homeless neighbors, Queens students embarked on a group run, not only getting some exercise after a long Thanksgiving break, but more importantly, bonding with their homeless neighbors through the shared experience.

"I think they learned that homelessness doesn't reflect much of anything about a person, except often bad luck, and that they (as students) have more in common with homeless people than they expected," said Queens Professor Reed Perkins. "People who have determination can have a direct and hugely positive impact on the community. Change doesn't happen by accident. It happens because people MAKE it happen."

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