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SELA Graduation 2014

08/28/14 -  

This August Queens graduated its 2nd class of students from the School Executive Leadership Academy (SELA). These driven and talented individuals successfully completed the program that began  in 2012 to better prepare aspiring school leaders.

Following graduation, Diane Adams, Principal at Providence Spring Elementary School, shared the positive growth she witnessed in one of these SELA graduates.

"I have been a principal in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for a long, long time. This is the beginning of my 28th year, and I often worry aloud about the future of our schools in a climate that is much more difficult to navigate than the schools of earlier times.

But this summer my experience working with an intern I recommended for the SELA program at Queens has rekindled my excitement about the future of our schools. We have quality decision makers coming to us out of this program. The ability of these men and women to transform a challenging environment due to the incredible leadership skills they are gaining will change our part of the world one school at a time.

As we go through the "opening of school" process, our intern has asked the right questions, listened intently to her colleagues, made impactful observations, and has brought thoughtful issues to the table for collaborative consideration.

In fact, I am so impressed with what I have observed about the 'Queens' Experience,' I am completing my own application to attend a Queens' graduate program!

Keep up the good work, Queens University! Your graduates are making a powerful impact on our communities and this gives those of us who have been in the business for quite some time, great hope for the future."

Learn more about SELA and how to apply to the program here

This program was created through a partnership among Queens' Cato School of Education, Queens' McColl School of Business and Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools.  SELA is approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education. 

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