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Praise for Sally Keith's Latest Poetry Collection

By Michelle Tabler11/05/12 -  

In November, faculty member Sally Keith's collection of poetry, The Fact of the Matter, will be published by Milkweed Editions. The collection has already received praised for its thoughtful speaker and lyrical beauty amongst creative madness.

The collection asks the reader to exert themselves onto the world, while taking a glance inward through poems. The poems contain references to the classics and to the modern day, weaving together strip malls and Achilles. Publisher's Weekly's review of the poems says,  

"At their best, these acrobatic movements from one fact or phrase to a disparate other are not whimsical non sequiturs but revelations bridging history and the inner life. For Keith, discoveries in any discipline-from physics to painting-push humanity forward."

A review at The Rumpus says,

"Keith, in what is ultimately a postmodern lyric, is in the bargaining stage of her mourning. She mourns the very fact of our collective mourning, which is an inevitable part of history, personal and otherwise."

The Fact of the Matter is Keith's third collection of poetry. Her first collection, Design, won the 2000 Colorado Prize for Poetry. She has been the recipient of a Pushcart Prize and a fellowship at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. Her poetry has been published, among others, in the Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, and Literary Imagination.

In addition to teaching in the MFA program at Queens, Keith is also on the faculty of the MFA program at George Mason University in Washington DC.

Michelle Tabler is an intern with the MFA Program. She is a senior Creative Writing major at Queens.
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