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Southeastern Regional Conference of the American Music Therapy Association

03/29/12 -  

March 29-31 about 250 music therapists and students were in town for the annual Southeastern Regional Conference of the American Music Therapy Association.

  • Dr. Becky Engen was the local conference chair and presented "The 2011 Fifth Edition CBMT Recertification Manual: New Options and Opportunities."
  • Dr. Varvara Pasiali was co-chair of the Hospitality Committee and presented, "Show Me the Music: Simple Improvisational Techniques to Rev up Your Practice."
  • Clinical Supervisors Meg Johnson, Annelle Wilder, Anna-Catherine Fowler and Sabrina Williams had leadership roles and coordinated students to assist in the smooth running of the conference.
  • Dr. Cathy Anderson was the keynote speaker at "For Music Therapists: This is Your Brain on Creativity."
  • The Human Triptych Collective featured Dr. Eric Mullis and other Charlotte area musicians and dance artists performing at the opening session.
  • Bob Teixeira and his wife, Tanja, performed during the awards luncheon.
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