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Spring MSOD Capstone Presentations

imageSpring 2013 Capstone Presenters
04/29/13 -  

Five Capstone presentations, with topics ranging from workplace engagement to healthcare, mentoring to OD best practices, were the grand finale for the Spring 2013 graduates of the MS in Organization Development Program. For the Capstone projects, students do applied research, an applied project, or basic research in an area of organization development, using the theoretical concepts and principles of organization development and change management in professional settings.

"The capstone project is the culmination of all of the course work, group projects, and overall student experience up to that point," said Dr. Will Sparks, director of the MSOD program. "It is a meaningful way for the student to showcase her/his applied research efforts in a change initiative, allowing the individual to put an ‘exclamation mark' on their graduate experience." Dr. Will Sparks and Dr. John Bennett supervise this completion of the program, and all of the faculty members within the OD program are available to students during the process.

Of the experience - truly, the semester that Capstone covers is one - Tamara Burwell, MSOD '13, says, "I don't recall a project I've undertaken in my professional or personal life that has been this enormous or this intense, and the phrase ‘earning your degree' took on a whole new meaning for me. I am very proud of my Capstone classmates... None of us would have reached the end without the support, advice, and encouragement of numerous professors, MSOD graduates, and our own networks. It is an amazing feeling to be on the other side of the process, and I am so proud that I did it."

The presentations are made before an audience of current students, family, friends, faculty and alumni. "I enjoyed presenting my Capstone project to my faculty, classmates, and family. While the presentations can be a bit nerve-wracking, receiving their support and encouragement was a really special way to end my grad school experience," said Emily Cantrell, MSOD '13.

This semester's Capstone presenters, who will graduate in May, are:

Presenter Topic
Tamara Burrell
Daniel Cadle 
Positivity and Workplace Engagement: Is There a Connection?
Emily Cantrell Leading Practices in Organization Development: A Multiple Case Study
Joanne Hart-Wright From Theory to Practice: An Evaluation of Empowerment Tools and their Impact on Glycemic Control
Leslie Johnson Collaboration-A View from the Bottom
Helen Speed
Andrea Young 
The Impacts of Mentoring on Employee Engagement

 Congratulations to these students on their success as they graduate and take their places in the Organization Development community!

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