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Student Spotlight: Dr. Michael Manning

By Holly Cooper, Executive MBA Class of 201401/23/14 -  

Dr. Michael Manning, medical director at Murphy Medical Center and Executive MBA Class of 2014 student at the McColl School of Business, has coupled his professional accomplishments and educational experience nationwide.

In October, he was a panelist at the International Leadership Association (ILA) in Charlotte. The topic of discussion was Achieving Organizational Goals Amidst Continuous Change and addressed the need for executives to rethink their strategies, product and service structures, customers and workforce in the current economic climate.  

Dr. Michael Manning was joined by Nick Rorrer, Partner at Senn Delaney, and Jared Neuhausel, Global Wholesale Banking Credit Operations & Global Treasury Services Monitoring Executive at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and exchanged a robust dialogue about helping their organizations navigate through enormous changes while generating value for shareholders and stakeholders. Dr. Manning provided a fresh perspective regarding the importance of being resilient in thought, action, and leadership in response to constant changes in the medical professional. As a medical professional who has served western North Carolina for over 25 years, he brought insight about changes within the community, ways to leverage the lessons learned and interesting solutions that are being considered. He also stressed the importance of being adaptable in order to prosper in this climate of uncertainty and emerging trends, but only when it provides value and maintains what is best for the patient. Manning recently co-wrote "Authentic Leadership's Roots in Existentialism" with Camilia Meador and Dr. Will Sparks from Queens University. The published article supports the philosophical concept of authenticity as applied to leadership through existentialism values that provide the foundation of what it means to be an authentic leader.

Recognized as a significant topic of discussion by the global business world, they were invited to attend The Association for Global Business Annual Conference in Las Vegas, where Manning and Meador presented a brief summary of their paper and expanded on several key connections between Existentialist philosophy and Authentic Leadership. Authenticity, while a relative recent development in leadership, actually began as a basic tenet of Existentialism which dates back to the 19th century and can be traced back as far as Aristotle. Historical significance makes Authentic Leadership much more than a passing trend among many competing ideals of leadership styles. "Existentialist authenticity is very much an individualistic approach to living life and being a leader but finds it greatest meaning in how one lives their life in service to others. Authenticity, as defined by Existentialists, expects leaders to make no excuses, lead in the present moment and take responsibility for the decisions they make and those that they lead," states Manning. These virtues help define the authentic leadership style and strong roots embedded within human history.  

Read Manning, Meador, and Sparks' paper "Authentic Leadership's Roots in Existentialism."  

About Dr. Michael Manning Dr. Michael Manning has been a practicing physician for 25 years in both emergency and hospital medicine. Currently, he is the medical director for the Hospitalist Practice at Murphy Medical Center, Clay County EMS and 911 Medical Dispatch in western North Carolina.   In addition, he is the physician adviser for Concierge Medical Tourism. An alumnus of University of Alabama School of Medicine, he completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Duke University Medical Center. Presently, enrolled at the McColl School of Business at Queens University, he will receive his EMBA degree in May 2014. For the past 15 years, Michael has served his community as the volunteer medical director for Clay County Rescue Squad, where he resides with his wife Lynne.  

About ILA The International Leadership Association (ILA) is the leading member association for individuals with a professional interest in leadership and leadership studies. Members of this association include scholars, educators, and practitioners from business, community, and government sectors, among others. Focused on being the global network for all those who practice, study and teach leadership, the International Leadership Association is committed to "Transforming Leadership Knowledge and Practice World-Wide".  

About AGB The Association for Global Business is a worldwide, non-profit organization, created exclusively to foster education in the fields of business, economics, computer information and science, political science, and related areas of global concern. The Association encourages and facilitates an exchange of information, ideas, and research activities among the people in academic life, business, government, and those who are concerned with education, research, and study in the fields of business and global enterprises. The main functions of the Association are to provide opportunities for the exchange of professional ideas and to create a general awareness of the significant accomplishments in the area of global enterprises. To achieve this goal, the Association meets once per year at various locations.

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