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Students Engaged in Digital Media

11/17/08 -  

Queens University of Charlotte's Communication majors are always-on, and nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the classroom. Recently, undergraduate students in Dr. John McArthur's Public Relations classes contributed to the content and design of the new School of Communication website at Queens.

Students worked in pairs to populate the content for each page under the School of Communication heading at Queens. The result of their collective efforts is a dynamic and user-friendly site which demonstrates the talent of our students and the result of their learning related to writing and editing for digital media. We appreciate their efforts for this website and we look forward to continuously involving students in media design projects both in the classroom and in real-world practice.

Contributing students include:
Fiona Baker 
Debi Batista 
John Brice
Katie Busch 
Iman DeBerry
Lindsay Dunmeyer
Gracie Ferretti
Pat Fitzpatrick
Randall Ford 
Molly Hogan
Kaitlin Ingram 
Jill Jacobs
Katherine Johnson
Jack Jones
Devin Kelley 
Steven Lemmeyer 
Audra Littlejohn
Kathia Martinez
Kathryn McDonnell
Ashley McGuirt
Jen-L Morris
Maggie Payne
Elisabeth Podair
Megan Ritch
Mariel Roberts
Mackenzie Robertson
Devon Seaford
Christy Sjolander
Patrick Sullivan
Lindsay Sustar
Morgan Taylor
Zach Trinca
Jason Wells 
Kaysi Winsman

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