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Teaching Fellows Go Down Under

06/06/11 -  

Between teaching assignments and day trips on the weekends, Queens' Teaching Fellows are wishing the world a fond g'day in their blog while they're working in Australia this summer. Follow their Australian adventures here.

The group from the Cato School will spend six weeks on a comparative educational study in Cairns and Sydney. They are working in a variety of schools and living with local couples and families to get a taste of what life down under is really like.

Missy Olson blogged that she is enjoying her work at Mackellar Girls Campus and is trying to model the "fluid teaching style" of the teacher she's partnering with.

Rochelle Siciliano blogged that she was initially intimidated by being assigned to The Scots College, a prep school for boys, but the staff accepted her so warmly that she feels right at home.

"I've already taught three complete lessons that I've created on my own," she wrote. "I have one ready for tomorrow and two in the works for the following week. I've been asked by one of my teachers to come into her Year 11 class, that I'm not scheduled for, so I can teach the lesson I created on brainstorming story ideas. The teachers in the English Department and the Learning Enrichment Center treat me as an equal. I get to make copies on the same copier when I feel like it, give ideas for other classes, eat at the staff table, partake in the community candy jar. I am actually a teacher."

When they're not in the classroom, the Teaching Fellows spend their weekends snorkeling and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, tasting ginger beer and kangaroo pie, and snapping photos of waterfalls nestled among the scenery outside train windows.

Australia is definitely a world away, they all agree, full of new experiences. One blogged that she couldn't help but laugh when she overheard a mother admonishing her son at a restaurant, "You may not have any kangaroo pizza until you have finished the chorizo one!"


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