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The Dean’s Digest

Welcome to the first edition of a new feature called "The Dean's Digest" that will appear each month in the McColl School newsletter!

09/18/12 -  

I am Dr. Ron Shiffler, and I am delighted to join Queens University of Charlotte and honored to serve as the new dean of the McColl School of Business.  I have big shoes to fill as former Dean Terry Broderick laid a solid foundation of excellence in business education and positioned the school for continued success in the years ahead.  Thank you, Terry.

My first order of business is to get to know everyone.  Through individual meetings with the faculty, I am learning about their accomplishments and expertise.  And their successes are truly incredible!  The McColl School has some of the best teacher/scholars in higher education, folks who have combined rich business experiences and scholarly research with a passion for teaching.

Slowly I am also learning about our hard working and dedicated staff.  We truly are a "family" within the McColl School as some of our staff are continuing their education in our graduate programs.  Some are recently engaged to be married with excitement building for the "big day."  Some are taking care of family members in need.   Some are welcoming newborns into their families.  But, all are totally committed to serving our students in a professional and personal way.  Thank you, everyone!

Getting to know students is a harder task, but important nonetheless.  The orientation sessions in graduate programs operating on a cohort basis - the Executive MBA and the Master of Science in Executive Coaching (MSEC) -have given me an opportunity to network and learn why students chose Queens.  Incidentally, the MSEC program is experimenting with a delayed start in late October for prospective students who wanted to let the rush of back-to-school chaos settle down into a routine before committing to a graduate program.  For more information about this unique and innovative program, contact Dr. John Bennett ( or 704-337-2210).

Lunch with Dean Shiffler
Dean Shiffler joins Campbell Corder, Tyler Rogers, Zach Kent, Mitchell Sayers, Megan Wagner, Libby Goddard and John Harrington for breakfast.

At the undergraduate level, I plan to start with students who are just as new to Queens as I am - freshmen.  With the assistance of Dr. Steve Cox and Miss Betty (the beloved matron of the dining hall) we have set up a weekly breakfast meeting with six to seven freshmen who wish to study business.  With about 80 new freshmen business students, I am hoping to meet all of them by the end of this first semester.  Check out how much fun we're having at breakfast! 

Working with volunteers who staff the McColl School Alumni Association (MSAA), the Entrepreneurial Leadership Council (ELC), and the McColl School Advisory Board has been equally rewarding.

The executive board of the MSAA is an exceptional group.  They are organized, enthusiastic, and eager to help the school.  For example, on Monday they hosted the 6th Annual Billy Wireman Golf Tournament at The Golf Club at Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge.  If you'd like to get involved in future MSAA events, check out the MSAA section of the site.

The ELC is also excited about a big upcoming event: the annual Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame Dinner where we will honor three new members of the Class of 2012 and induct them into the Hall.  Honorees include Joan and Robert Zimmerman, Bonnie McElveen Hunter, and George Dean Johnson.  Congratulations to Dr. Chuck Bamford and his ELC members for their leadership around this event.

It will take me a bit longer to get plugged into the community, but my intentions are to begin meeting our friends, supporters and stakeholders about mid-fall.

I am listening carefully and what I am hearing is pride, admiration and respect for the McColl School.  That message resonates with me and I am excited about creating our future together. 


Dean Ron Shiffler

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