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Trees Harvested on Rogers Hall Site Will Find New Life

imageHollow Form by Reuben Hufham
11/15/12 -  

As part of its "green" building protocol, the trees that were removed from the Rogers Hall building site are finding new life inside the Platinum LEED certified building.

Troy Luttman, associate vice president of design and construction at Queens, says he and his team were excited by the opportunity to find ways to re-use the timber. "We wanted to recycle as much of it as we possibly could."

Early on, branches from the harvested trees were ground into mulch which was used to protect the roots of the remaining trees around the building.

Wood from the site was used to create nearly 2,500 square feet of hardwood flooring in the building, and is also being used to create new furniture and decorative items.

Explains Luttman, "Besides flooring and furniture, we are very lucky to be working with a local artist named Reuben Hufham.  Reuben used the wood to develop several beautiful hand-crafted bowls and vases that he is donating to the university."

Rogers Hall will open in January, 2012, housing classrooms and labs for biology, chemistry and environmental science, as well as the administrative offices of the Blair College of Health. 

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