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Alumni provide students with tools and knowledge to help transition from college to career

imageAlumna Elizabeth Heffner '12 (second to left) of Lincoln Times-News with Queens students
04/28/14 -  

World of Work classes at Queens are a fundamental aspect of the university's commitment to ensuring students and graduates are well educated and prepared for careers after college. The classes provide a framework for practical preparation of internships and also facilitate self-assessment, acquisition of presentation skills, writing of resumes and cover letters and interviewing practice.

Every year, the World of Work semester culminates in a final project where groups of 4-5 students are paired with an alumnus or alumna from top Charlotte organizations. This year, those organizations included Wells Fargo, Novant Health, Siemens Energy and Lincoln Times-News. Each group of students interviewed the alumnus/alumna, researched the organization, visited sites and prepared a presentation to the alumni panel. This exercise offered the opportunity for students to meet and network with valuable contacts for future job pursuits.

Four alumni participated in World of Work with sophomores this semester:

  • J. Woody Hubbard '13, Novant Health
  • Elizabeth Heffner '12, Lincoln Times-News
  • Melissa Duller '11, Wells Fargo
  • Chris Graham '14, Siemens

All four alumni offered up great practical advice for students. Alumna Elizabeth Heffner reminded students to have an open mind when looking at internship opportunities.  A small city doesn't necessarily mean there aren't great opportunities there. Alumnus Woody Hubbbard discussed how a lot of internnships are non-paid, but the long-term benefit could mean a full-time job offer once you prove yourself.

Alumnus Chris Graham focused on networking. "Networking is key," said Graham. "When I was 20-years-old, I used networking skills and inside connections to find an applicable internship. That internship led to the job I have today with Siemens."



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