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Student Support Team

The student support team is composed of a small group of faculty and staff committed to working together in a confidential manner to assist students through challenging times. The team meets twice a month, reviews student concerns, and develops a plan of action. The team implements a plan and continues to follow up with the student with a purpose of fostering success at Queens.

Student Support Team members:

  1. Beth Stuart, Associate Dean for Student Success, Coordinator and Facilitator
  2. Elizabeth Davant, Director of Counseling
  3. John Downey, Dean of Students
  4. James Beach, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  5. Diane Mowrey, Chaplain/Professor of Religion
  6. Tim Burke, Assistant Athletics Director
  7. Edward J. Young, Director of Housing and Student Conduct
  8. Melinda Harper, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  9. Jill Perry, Assistant Dean of Health and Wellness Services
  10. Kristina Siarzynski-Ferrer, Director of Academic Advising
  11. Ray Thrower, AVP, Safety & Security

The Mission

The Queens University of Charlotte Support Team provides a resource to the university community where faculty, staff, students and parents can direct concerns they may have about a student. These concerns consist but are not limited to the following:

  • Attendance concerns
  • Academic decline
  • Emotional issues
  • Behavioral problems

The team does not focus on disciplinary action, but instead advocates for students. The team approaches each student respectfully and confidentially. The team is dedicated to making sure that students are contacted and that everything possible has been done to assist the student in succeeding at Queens. 

How to make a referral

The university community is encouraged to inform any member of the team or the Associate Dean for Student Success of a student that is in need of support. The Associate Dean will contact all referral sources as soon as possible during regular office hours.

Please keep in mind, that in order to respect the rights of the student the support team may be limited in how much information is shared with you regarding the outcome and follow-up. Please be reassured that the Team works very hard to address the needs of the student. The support team will always respect the privacy, the rights, and the wishes of the student.

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