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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where do I live if I'm part of the LLC?

Students who are part of our Living a Learning Community are housed in Hayes Hall, just off the main residential quad. This hall is the only one of the three first year communities to offer suite-style housing, in which two rooms share a connected bathroom. Hayes is a beautiful, historic building equipped with a laundry room and study room off the main lobby. If you come for a tour of the campus, the Admissions' show room is located in this hall.

2. So, what do I need to be a part of the Sed Min Household?

 In addition to filling out your housing contract over the summer, you will need to fill out a separate application for the Sed Min Household. This will be a brief application with a handful of short-answer questions that will go out in June before you start school in the fall.

3. I'm on a scholarship that requires me to be very involved with a certain program on campus, can I still be a part of this?

Absolutely! Being a part of the LLC is somewhat of a commitment, but you will have plenty of time to commit to other programs, clubs and organizations, or leadership opportunities on campus. Students in previous years have been a part of athletic programs, Greek organizations, Campus Union board, and more!

4. I noticed that Hayes costs more than Albright or Barnhardt (other first year communities). Is this taken into consideration?

Yes. Students who commit to and complete requirements every semester receive a housing credit each semester that makes living in Hayes and being a part of the LLC the same cost as living in any other freshman residence hall. This credit is given at the end of each semester, and is rewarded to residents' completion of service opportunities, attendance at specified meeting times, and other assigned responsibilities.

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