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Belk Hall

Belk Residence HallBelk Residence Hall

Belk Residence Hall opened in 1954 and honors the late Mrs. William Henry Belk, an alumna, trustee and benefactor. Belk Hall was a gift to Queens from her sons and daughters.

Belk Hall is situated on the Residence Hall Quadrangle adjacent to HBO Hall. This two story, coed residence hall houses 80 freshmen residents. Four Resident Assistants and one Assistant Director supervise Belk.

In the summer of 2009, Belk underwent renovations including new carpeting and fresh paint jobs for the corridors.

Window:  L 5' 3"   X W 4' 6"
Room:  L 12'     X W 15'

Floor Layout: Belk 1st Floor | Belk 2nd Floor

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