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Wireman Hall

Built in 2001, Wireman Hall is dedicated to the late Dr. Billy O. Wireman, Queens President from 1978-2002. Dr. Wireman is remembered fondly for his incredible contributions to Queens.

Wireman Hall is located on the Residence Hall Quadrangle, adjacent to HBO Hall, Everett Library and the North Parking Deck. This four-story co-ed hall is home to 225 upper-class students. Wireman Hall offers both single and double-occupancy suite-style rooms with adjoining bathrooms. The hall has a total of eight Resident Assistants with two RAs assigned to each floor. An Assistant Director lives on sight to supervise the eight RAs.

Besides being Queen's largest residence hall, the basement of Wireman Hall is home to the University's Greek Village.

Window:  L 5' 9"     X W 2'
Room:  L 28' 7"   X W 11' 5"
Bathroom: L 4' 13"   X  W 10' 6"

Floor Layout: Wireman 1st Floor | Wireman 2nd Floor | Wireman 3rd Floor | Wireman 4th Floor

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