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Andrew Fuentes says juggling classwork with extracurricular activities and travel is a joy.

Andrew Fuentes of Queens University of CharlotteAndrew Fuentes

Queens junior Andrew Fuentes, an international studies dual language major in French and Italian, has always been an adventure seeker.  

Fuentes was accepted to three other schools, but decided on Queens because of the inviting atmosphere and the vast travel opportunities. 

As a freshman, Andrew aimed to become involved in student and campus life.  He has easily accomplished that goal, currently serving as secretary of his fraternity Pi Kappa Phi, special chair planner on the Campus Union Board, junior representative on Honor Council and a member of chamber choir. 

As CUB special chair planner, he plays a big part in planning Casino Night, when  more than 300 Queens students dress in formal attire and enjoy music, dancing and real casino games. 

"I am having a blast planning what I expect to be the best Queens student event of the year and I know I'll have so much fun at Casino Night thanks to my dance skills my Grandmere taught me," Fuentes said.

Fuentes' fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, has its own national philanthropy project, "Push America," which helps support people with disabilities. Fuentes was part of a scaffold sit, where he sat on a raised platform for 72 hours to help raise money for the organization. 

"I owe my developed leadership skills to my fraternity," he said. " The love and support of my brothers have always encouraged me to search for leadership opportunities."

Another leadership opportunity Fuentes jumped on was establishing an organization called FOUR (For Others Using Responsibility).   FOUR promotes awareness to make informed, responsible decisions based on the knowledge that four seconds can make an influential impact on a person's life.  Awareness will be spread through group meetings, sponsored social events and social awareness advertisements.

Fuentes' involvement in Pi Kappa Phi and his foundation of FOUR club illustrate  his respect for the Queens motto, "Not to be served, but to serve."

Another accolade Fuentes has earned is the International Adventurer Scholarship, a grant given to students participating in language-immersion or study aboard programs.  Most Queens students take a study abroad trip in their junior year at Queens, but Fuentes got ahead of the game and took a trip to Italy last summer and stayed with a host family. He  is already planning his second trip to Australia this year. 

While he is devoted to Queens he still keeps in close touch with his family.

"I love my family and am grateful to have their love and support," he said. "I couldn't have gone to Italy without the support of my Granddad."

Even when Fuentes isn't occupied at an event, meeting or rehearsal, he's actively Tweeting about Queens.  He mentioned @QueensUniv during this year's New Student Orientation so incoming students would be able to see his tweets about orientation events.

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