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Chief and Captain: Queens’ Dynamic Duo

Johnnie Ravenell, Chief of Campus Police, has been watching over Queens for the past two decades.  Captain Mac Cable has been by Ravenell's side for seven of those years.  Together, they make a stunning pair, working day and night to protect Queens campuses and surrounding areas.

"It makes me feel safer knowing that we don't have different police officers coming and going on campus," freshman Laura McCorkle of Charlotte said.

Ravenell (also known as "Chief" around campus) and Cable make their presence prominent at Queens and in the community so they can have personal contact with students and the public.  For example, one might stay on campus during the day, while the other heads to a Charlotte-area event in the evening.

"Queens' motto is not to be served, but to serve, and I stand by that because I want to make a difference in young people's lives," Ravenell said. 

Both Ravenell and Cable agree their favorite part about Queens is the students.  

"It's gratifying that you can lead students in the right direction here. I wasn't always fortunate enough to have that opportunity when I worked in the city," Cable said.

"Students know they can come talk to us about anything," Ravenell said as he flipped through a scrapbook filled with pictures, notes and holiday cards from Queen's alumni.

Even on their days off, Cable and Ravenell stay involved in the Charlotte community. Cable is an avid golfer and participates in a number of competitive events.  He also is a talented artist and has drawn many pictures for faculty, staff and students at Queens.

Ravenell stays busy as a pastor at Eternal Life Worship Center in Charlotte.  Both can never get enough of Queens, though, where they enjoy guiding and shaping students into good citizens before they graduate and conquer the job market.

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