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Getting Out the Vote

As November's election approaches, the university's College Democrats and College Republicans agree on one thing at least:  the importance of voting.

"Your vote is your voice," said Emmie Horadam, president of the College Democrats, and a junior at Queens.  The club began its voter drive efforts last Fall, and this semester board members kept voter registration forms at the ready in their backpacks.  Emmie, a Naples, Fla. native, estimates the club registered as many as 150 people.

The College Republicans started a little later, but feel an equal pride in their registration efforts.  "It's a good feeling," said club president Maria Bisbikis, a Charlotte resident and Queens senior.  "It's also exciting because for a lot of the freshman, this might be the first year that they vote."            

The College Republicans took their "get out the vote" efforts off-campus too, participating in call banking, Super Saturdays, and other events sponsored by Mecklenburg GOP headquarters.

Regrettably, both young women encountered some people uninterested in voting.  "Queens has never really been a political campus," Emmie conceded.  Yet, despite different political perspectives, both women have the same investment in encouraging voting - for whichever party.  Emmie told her fellow students, "If you complain that things aren't going the way you want them to, then voting is how it is going to get fixed."

Both young political science majors also emphasized the importance of voting locally. "A lot of students underestimate local politics," Maria said.  "The people here who run for county commissioner and governor and auditor, they make daily decisions on what we do here in North Carolina."

Come election night the two club's members will have still one more thing in common - having to wait and see and hope for the best.  As Maria put it, it's democracy in action.  She said, "at the end of the end of the day we have to be happy with whatever way it turns out."

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