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Coffee House offers space to socialize… and study

New hot spotNew hot spot

Horacio Castillo just finished two classes at Queens.  He's now a teacher at nearby Myers Park Traditional Elementary School, but something keeps pulling him back to the Queens campus.

The Coffee House.

The new campus hot spot is attached to Everett Library and has quickly become an attraction for folks who live and work in the surrounding Myers Park neighborhood.

 "The atmosphere is pretty nice," said Castillo as he took a break from lesson planning at The Coffee House on a cool spring morning. "A lot of (Myers Park Traditional) teachers come here. It's the closest coffee shop. It's a good mix of people that you don't see lots of times at universities."

Amenities include a bank of sleek computers, private meeting rooms, free wireless Internet access and patio seating. 

It's the perfect spot to catch up with friends AND classwork says University Librarian Carol Walker Jordan, who welcomed the coffee shop as extension of the library.

"More and more assignments are collaborative," she says.  "Students don't work alone in cubicles anymore."

The cozy seating, tasty Starbucks coffee and snacks including sandwiches and pastries give the shop the feel of a neighborhood gathering place.  

Coffee shop often also visit the library, floating freely between the two spaces.  In fact, library traffic increased by about 1,000 patrons in the weeks after the shop's January 2010 opening, an uptick Jordan attributes at least in part to the new amenity.

"They can bring food in the library," she said. "I have no problem with that!"

Coffee with your homework?

The Coffee House accepts students' declining balance dollars, Lion Dollars, cash and credit cards. Hours vary. Visit for the current schedule.
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