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Roaring into Freshman Year

2013 Orientation

Although Queens' campus can be quieter during the summer, this week there was a definite ROAR around the grounds.

Our first-ever ROAR event (which stands for Royals Orientation Advising & Registration) welcomed nearly 200 incoming Class of 2017 students and their parents to Queens for Monday and Tuesday events.  Students and parents alike felt the buzz of excitement.

“I love it down here; it's beautiful”

-  Rachel McAndrew, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Rachel will be pursuing a degree in music therapy. "It's exciting. I'm making friends, meeting new people, and getting a lot of information."

Some of the information was familiar to parent Susan Morrison, who had driven her daughter, Savannah Edwards, in from Shelby, North Carolina.  "But it's still reassuring," she said. 

During ROAR, parents attend informational sessions about campus security or academic support services while their students take placement tests, learn about campus services and organizations, and participate in social events. 

"First and foremost we want these students to connect with each other," said Brian Ralph, vice president for enrollment management.  "We also want them to learn about what it will take to be successful at Queens, so ROAR is something of an equipping experience."

From an admissions standpoint, a summer orientation gives accepted students a chance to solidify their choice to attend Queens.  ROAR shows them "real life examples of why and how they made such a good decision to join our community," said Dean of Admissions Woody O'Cain.

Moving these orientation activities to June (with another scheduled for nearly 150 more students later in July) also allows students to "get a taste of college life and connect with their classmates in a low-pressure environment," Ralph said.

In previous years, orientation immediately preceded the fall semester.  "Often in the fall they're so busy trying to settle into their rooms and their routines that the basic orientation information can't be truly absorbed," said Amber Perrell, director of student activities.

Now, come August, we'll host a "Week of Welcome" focused on helping students meet one other.  But registration for courses and acclimation to campus will have already taken place.

Icoming freshman Andrew Titus said he's ready for fall semester. The future business administration major from Sharon, Massachusetts, said he was enjoying orientation and meeting some of his fellow lacrosse players. "They say college is a crucial part of people's lives, so I'm just eager to get started."

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