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Saying farewell to the Greek Lodges

Queens' Greek community recently gathered to say farewell to the Greek Lodges.  The small buildings became part of campus in the 1950s as the hub for Greek life.

Queens will now create a new Greek Village in Wireman Hall, with private rooms for each chapter.

Approximately 100 Greeks and alumni gathered for a celebration at the Lodges to say goodbye, reminisce with friends and hear about Queens' plans for the future. A representative from each chapter spoke about their experiences in Greek Life and their excitement about the new Greek Village.

"It is a bittersweet change as the current Lodges have a great deal of history and memories, but the new Greek Village will bring together all of our Greek organizations, offer us room to grow in our Greek system, and will offer nicer facilities for everyone," Amber Perrell, director of Student Activities said.

Nearly $1 million will be invested into the new Greek Village in Wireman. The transformation will include about 800-900 square feet for each Greek chapter.

Greeks will use their meeting spaces for annual ceremonies and rituals with each space including a refrigerator and dry kitchen, closets, hardwood floors, and soundproofing.

In the past, each chapter was responsible for maintenance of their Lodge, but the university will now provide utilities and maintenance in the Village. Each chapter also will receive a stipend to use for decorations and supplies.

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