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Counting their blessings

The first Thanksgiving celebration took place in 1621, in Plymouth Colony, now known as Massachusetts.  Today, Americans have created their own Thanksgiving traditions and use the holidays as an occasion to reflect upon their blessings. Here's what some Queens students are most thankful for this holiday season.

Kiara JonesKiara Jones, sophomore from Asheville, N.C. Majoring in Human and Community Services.

"I'm thankful that I am able to brighten other students' days by making them laugh."






Russell Humphries Russell Humphries , sophomore from Savannah, Ga. Majoring in Political Science.

"I'm thankful that I get to attend a great university where I have made some great friends."






Russell Humphries Hafsa Abukar, freshman from Charlotte. Majoring in Biology.

"I'm thankful for my great family and close friends."






Samuel JohnsonSamuel Johnson, junior from Asheville. Majoring in Communication.

"I'm thankful Queens is building the new Levine Center, so we'll have a nice gym on campus."

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