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Where we learn

At Queens, learning and discovery aren't limited to the classroom.  From a hidden art studio, to the streets of Europe, our students have a variety of spaces on campus and across the globe where they do their best thinking.

Rae Manyik

"I prefer the Billy O. Wireman Fountain in front of the library when there is not too much going on because it's peaceful and the sound of the water is calming."

-- Ray Manyika '14

Anthony DeRosa

"While I was in Spain this summer, I found it was very easy to get lost in a book and scribble away in my journal on the outside patios of restaurants.  It was a very comfortable atmosphere in Spain to just spend hours at a time reading my book and escaping the everyday business of each city we visited."

-- Anthony DeRosa '12

Kathryn Sylvester

"I study best in the biology lab because it is a hands-on environment.  I hope that the skills I learn will benefit me later on in medical school."

-- Kathryn Sylvester '12

Dane Blodgett

"I learn on the lacrosse field - it puts me in the mood to really have that learning experience.  When I'm there, nothing else matters.  It's just the best environment for learning.  I get to be myself."

-- Dane Blodgett '12

Danielle Phillips

"In Environment 104, we traveled to streams to observe and went flat water kayaking.  Even the simplest thing, such as measuring trees around campus, helped me better understand the material and the bigger picture of it all.  I'm a hands-on learner, so when I can go somewhere and do something, this where I become fully engaged and excited about learning."

-- Danielle Phillips '13

Brieanna Singletary

"Where I learn best is this secret art studio in the back of Watkins Hall.  I go in there around 11 or 12 o'clock when no one is around...I'm back there, and I do my homework and my art."

-- Brieanna Singletary '13

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