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Requesting Accommodations

Procedures for requesting and receiving accommodations from Student Disability Services.

  1. Review the Student Disability Services (SDS) section of the web site to learn about their services and the laws which govern them. If you have questions contact Dr. Cort Schneider, Director of Student Disability Services at 704-337-2508 or by email
  2. Complete a Request for Accommodations Form. This form provides Student Disability Services with contact information and basic information about the type of accommodations being requested.
  3. Provide appropriate documentation that explains your disability/medical condition and how it impacts you, especially in the classroom.  Documentation could be psycho-educational testing and /or school records (such as an IEP or 504 Program) or a detailed letter from a doctor.  Professionals providing Queens with documentation might find it helpful to use Queens' Documenting Disability Form to provide the most useful information. If you do not have a copy of the documentation and need to request it from your physician, psychologist, or other healthcare professional, it might be helpful to provide them with a completed copy of the Release of Information Form.
  4. In addition to documentation, SDS requires that you complete a Disability Impact Statement as it provides valuable information that often is not present in diagnostic documentation. Please submit it on the Disability Impact Statement Form.

Once these these items have been received by Student Accessibility Services, we will review them and set up an intake appointment to discuss appropriate accommodations and policies and procedures of the office. At that time, StudentAccessibility Services may ask for additional information.

It is important to note that accommodations cannot be provided retroactively and that the process of receiving an accommodation can take time, especially when requesting auxiliary services and books in alternative format.

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