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LeadershipQ Leaders Tackling the Ropes Course

Queens offers many opportunities for students to grow as campus and community leaders.

QLeaders - Emerge and Advance

QLeaders: Emerge is a leadership development program for first and second year students. The program provides students with opportunities to develop and practice leadership abilities through experiential activities, structured reflection, and group discussion. This co-curricular program is based in experiential and reflective learning. For example, facilitators will not lecture participants on time management skills but instead craft interactive and reflective activities to present concepts and encourage dialogue. Imagine a classic ROPES course (without the heights and harnesses) that focuses on engaging group activities and interactive problem solving within leadership topics such as communication, leadership styles, and personal strengths and values exploration.

QLeaders: Advance is a leadership development program for second, third, and fourth-year students in positional campus leadership roles. The program is focused on skill development and strategies, including conflict management, delegation, membership retention, self-care, and strengths-based leadership. Participants are given the opportunity to expand their leadership knowledge and skill by evaluating situational experiences and challenges in leadership roles and by exploring a deeper self-knowledge through the use of strengths-based leadership theory and concepts of team roles. QL:A is also based in experiential and reflective learning with a deeper focus on personal initiative and theory-to-practice education. For example, facilitators will continue to craft interactive and reflective activities to present concepts and encourage dialogue; however, these will be more focused on actual, real-time cohort member experiences. In this way, the environment of engaging activities and interactive problem solving evolves from large conceptual initiatives to more directed discussion, exploration, and implementation.

QLeaders Learning Objectives

  • To introduce students to leadership concepts and theories and develop leadership skills such as critical reasoning and effective communication.
  • To help students develop self-knowledge through identifying personal strengths and values.
  • To help students develop principles of ethics and stewardship, connecting their personal values and call to leadership.
  • To help students develop an increased awareness and appreciation for different perspectives, experiences, and values.
  • To help students develop a plan for active participation in campus life and define personal and professional goals.
  • To help students effectively identify and utilize surrounding resources.
  • In short, to help students build a foundation of skills and strategies that will be beneficial during their career at Queens and in future endeavors.

To learn more about QLeaders, please contact Patrick Motter, Assistant Dean of Student Engagement at or 704-337-2263.

Queens Undergraduate Leadership Summit

The Queens Leadership Summit is an on-campus leadership conference designed to enhance students' academic engagement, leadership skills, and sense of community at Queens as they develop as campus and community leaders. The Summit is open to all students and is held annually in March, featuring a keynote speaker, leadership workshops, and a networking reception. This is a great way to enhance the student leadership journey, and it's the perfect addition to a growing resume!

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