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Contract & Learning Objectives

Internship Contract and Learning Objectives

The Internship Contract ( ) is an agreement between the student, employer and university that clarifies Learning Objectives, start/end dates and hours, scope of the internship and key contact information. The student and employer should complete the Internship Contract together to ensure both parties are collaborating in clarifying the internship’s expectations. Learning Objectives are a key component of the Internship Contract. The student and employer will collaborate to identify and create the Learning Objectives for the internship experience. 

A Learning Objective is a statement describing what a student hopes to learn from the internship experience through a clear action plan.  The Learning Objective may also provide a detailed and measurable description of new skills that the student will obtain during his/her internship. The objective is designed to help students understand how to make practical use of the work experience.  Consider these guidelines when creating Learning Objectives with your intern:

  • Objectives should be as specific and measurable as possible. General statements do not allow focus on specific skills and goals.
  • Discuss new skills or knowledge the intern wants to gain through the experience (a particular career path or industry, professional and networking skills).
  • Include clear action plans for how to achieve Learning Objectives.
  • Allow the intern to take ownership of a special project that will help him/her to gain appropriate leadership skills and achieve Learning Objectives.

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