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Frequently Asked Questions

Are internships required for graduation?

Queens TUG students must complete internship courses (INT 401 and INT 402 OR INT 403) to fulfill the   internship graduation requirement. Music Therapy, Nursing Majors, Education Majors and transfer students with 36+ hours are EXEMPT from this graduation requirement.

Is there a prerequisite for the internship courses?

Yes. INT 201 (Career Connections) is the prerequisite for INT 401 and INT 403 taken preferably in Fall or Spring semester of Sophomore year. INT 201 is not a requirement for Hayworth students participating in an internship.

How do I find an internship?

With support from the Vandiver Center for Career Development, students are responsible to obtain their own internships in order to practice the skills required for real world job search.  Available resources include:

    • Queens Online Job Board
    • One-on-one career advising
    • Interview assistance
    • Career events
    • Resume and cover letter reviews
    • Networking opportunities

What is an Internship Contract and how do I complete it?

This contract is a collaborative effort between student and employer that clearly identifies specific learning objectives. The Internship Contract is found at

What is a Learning Objective?

A Learning Objective is a statement describing what a student is expected to learn from the internship experience.  The learning objective may also provide a detailed and measurable description of new skills that the student will obtain during their internship.

Does the internship have to be related to my major?

The internship can be related to your major, but can also be related to a professional goal.

How will I know if my Internship Contract is approved?

Vandiver Center for Career Development staff will send an email to the student and employer to inform that the contract has been approved. The approval email is typically sent one week after the completed Internship Contract is received. Vandiver Center for Career Development staff will contact the student directly if the contract is not consistent with the overall policies of the Internship Program. Vandiver Center for Career Development Office reserves the right to deny internship approval if the opportunity does not appear to support a productive experience related to the student’s professional goals.

I am an international student.  Are there any additional steps or forms that I need to complete?

Yes. International students with an F-1 Visa who intend to work off campus, must complete a Curricular Practical Training form, available on the Center for International Education’s MyQueens page, and submit the completed form and a job offer letter to the Center for International Education. Authorization from the CIE must be obtained BEFORE work may begin.

What if I complete all my course assignments but I am unable to work the required hours?

Students must complete the minimum required hours and provide a signed work hours log (time sheet) from your employer to receive credit for the experience. Contact your internship course instructor or Vandiver Center for Career Development staff to discuss any issues or changes in your internship. 

Can I leave my internship if I complete my required hours earlier than the agreed upon end date on the approved Internship Contract?

Students must work until the end date specified on the Internship Contract even if you have fulfilled your required hours.  Each student is expected to manage his/her time.  It is the student’s responsibility to determine whether he/she wants to work extra hours.

Queens' Vandiver Center for Career Development internship program information is subject to change without notice.

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