Board of Visitors

We are excited about our association and engagement with Queens University of Charlotte. The Queens Board of Visitors is a spirited group of community-minded and intellectually curious people.  Every member -- friend, alumnus, or neighbor -- shares a passion for education and a purpose to boost the visibility of Queens University across the Charlotte region, and nationally. 

Karen and Brandon Perry

Karen and Brandon Perry

The Board of Visitors gives us a direct channel for interaction with Queens' leadership, faculty, and students, and the opportunity to participate in the university's incredibly bright future. Board of Visitors members quickly realize the powerful story of Queens' place in higher education, and why the energy at its beautiful campus in Myers Park is as high today as any other period in its history. Who says Charlotte is not a college town?  


Karen and Brandon Perry 
Co-chairs, Queens University Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors

Glynn and Nan '61 Alexander Georgetown, SC

Tim '97 and Coleman EfirdGastonia, NC

Caroline Myers '55 Charlotte, NC 

Robert and Lanelle '70 Barber CCharleston, SC

Lisa Evans - Charlotte, NC

Lowell and Janet '77 Nelson - Charlotte, NC

Bill and Harriet '50 Barnhardt Charlotte, NC

Bill and Linda FarthingCharlotte, NC

Penny O'Callaghan '78 - Atlanta, GA

Sadler and Debbie '95 BarnhardtCharlotte, NC

Sid and Amy Fletcher - Charlotte, NC

Michael Outlaw '94Atlanta, GA

Nicholas Beamon EMBA '07 - Charlotte, NC

Pamela FreemanCharlotte, NC

Sandra PageCharlotte, NC

Carolyn Bennett '83Charlotte, NC

Tom and Sherard Gates - Charlotte, NC

Leland ParkDavidson, NC

Stephanie Bissell '93 - Charlotte, NC

Evelyn GerdesCharlotte, NC

Bob Percival - Charlotte, NC

Tanya Blackmon EMBA '00Huntersville, NC

Berkley and Audean '97 Godehn - Charlotte, NC

Brandon and Karen Perry - Charlotte, NC

Sharon Blalock and Marcia Tillotson - Charlotte, NC

Jean Graham '58Raleigh, NC

Bill and Catherine Reading - Charlotte, NC

Philip and Amy BlumenthalCharlotte, NC

Jerry and Kathryn Greenhoot - Charlotte, NC

Jay and Cathryn RiversCharlotte, NC

Caroline Boutté '66 Easton, MD

Joe Grier - Charlotte, NC

Epes and Anne RobinsonCharlotte, NC

Marilynn BowlerCharlotte, NC

Oscar and Heide Groomes Charlotte, NC

Clark RossTroutman, NC

Mitch and Marcy '97 Braselton - Greenwich, CT

Stephen and Suzy HannonGastonia, NC

Sue Ross '61 - Swansboro, NC

Allison Brown '01Charlotte, NC

Marsha Harper '69 - Greenville, SC

Harriet Seabrook and Zeke FoardCharlotte, NC

Andrew Brownfield '97  and Heather Brownfield '98 Frederick, MD

Graeme and Rebecca HendersonJacksonville, FL

Stoney Sellars - Charlotte, NC

Alison Bruster '96Charlotte, NC

Robert and Caroline '93 HeyerCharlotte, NC

Ken and Linda '69 ShortridgeMount Pleasant, SC

Bill Bullock and Cynthia Carlson - Charlotte, NC

Aubrey and Liz HilliardCharlotte, NC

Marc and Mattye Silverman - Charlotte, NC

Stoke and Julie CaldwellCharlotte, NC

John and Amy Hines - Charlotte, NC

Acquawon Stallworth '93Salisbury, NC

Ollie Chandhok '98 - Matthews, NC

Marsie '73 and Bruce HubbardWinston-Salem, NC

David Stedman - Charlotte, NC

Herb and Gina CleggCharlotte, NC

David and Susan Keesler - Charlotte, NC

Charlie and Ashley StewartCharlotte, NC

Ashley Cone '94 Charlotte, NC

Bess Kercher MS '09Charlotte, NC

Wellford and Ann TaborCharlotte, NC

Peter and Sandra ConwayCharlotte, NC

Kenny  Lautenschlager '93 and Phyllis Lautenschlager - Charlotte, NC

John and Claire TateCharlotte, NC

Craven Crockett '12 Charlotte, NC

Anne Le Grand '72Lake Forest Park, WA

Allen and Bessie Tate Charlotte, NC

Dean Cromartie and Mary Adeline Cromartie '69Hattiesburg, MS

Bobby '92 and Kerry Lindauer - Charlotte, NC

Curtis and Rocky TrenkelbachCharlotte, NC

Bob Culbertson - Charlotte, NC 

Eric LloydCharlotte, NC

Lance and Julie '91 Walton - Charlotte, NC

Carol DabbsCharlotte, NC

Henry and Emily '58 Massey Mount Holly, NC

Martin WatersCharlotte, NC

Stephen De May MBA '94 - Charlotte, NC

Scott and Ashley MatteiCharlotte, NC

Rex and Linda '63 Welton - Charlotte, NC

Gay DillashawCharlotte, NC

Alisa McDonald - Charlotte, NC

Jo Wilson '59Charlotte, NC

Stephen and Kathy Dockery - Charlotte, NC

Jack and Lydia '64 McNearyCharlotte, NC

Hayes and Susan Woollen - Charlotte, NC

Elizabeth Dowling '04Rye, NY

Cynthia Mills '84 Charlotte, NC

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