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Center for Ethics & Religion

The mission of the Center for Ethics and Religion is to educate - through dialogue - the Queens community and the broader community on ethics and religion, paying particular attention to the intersection of those two aspects of our lives.

The Center seeks to embody the Presbyterian tradition of "Thinking the Faith."  At the same time, the Center is open to the insights and traditions of other faith communities and other visions of the good life.

In the process of dialogue, both the presenters and the audiences have the potential to learn and to be transformed in their thoughts and actions.  All programs of the center will follow the ethical foundations of dialogue, especially being willing to listen to other views and being open to the truth that comes from the dialogue.

Queens University of Charlotte has an important presence in the Charlotte community as an educational resource, and the Center for Ethics and Religion seeks to both deepen and broaden Queens' service to the community.

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Dr. Robert Whalen, McMahon Professor of History, continues his work connecting history, philosophy, religion, and ethics in his essay, "Thomas Merton and Hannah Arendt: Spirituality, Counter-Culture, and Cold War."  Read More

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Robin W. Lovin, the Cary Maguire University Professor of Ethics at Southern Methodist University offers these thoughts on the PBS Ethics and Religion newsweekly website: Read More

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Queens' Department of Philosophy and Religion and the Center for Ethics and Religion will host a regional philosophy meeting in February, 2010, and a national philosophy conference just two weeks later in March. Read More

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Panel members will talk about central beliefs of their faith and common misconceptions.  Read More

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The Center for Ethics and Religion will present as this year's Witherspoon Lecturer former N.C. Governor and chemistry professor Dr. Jim Martin Read More

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"The Art and Science of Interfaith Cooperation" with Eboo Patel

Named one of America's Best Leaders of 2009 by U.S. News & World Report, Eboo Patel is the founder and president of the Interfaith Youth Core, an organization that promotes religious literacy and cooperation on college campuses and beyond. View Event

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