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Requirements for a Minor in American History

This minor is housed in the History Department.

Required course:

HST 300 Research Methods

Take at least one of the following:

HST 120 Colonial North America

HST 121 New American Nation

HST 122 Modern America

Plus, take at least three of the following:

HST 289 Seminar in American History*

HST 320 American Revolution

HST 322 Inventing American Capitalism

HST 324 Slavery & Empire in America

HST 326 Civil War America

HST 328 Immigration & the Making of America

HST 330 Urban America

HST 332 Civil Rights in America

HST 334 Cold War America

HST 400 Topics in American History

*Pending approval of the department chair, students may substitute one 200-level general education course taught by a ember of the history department for HST 289.

TOTAL: 18 Hrs.

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