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A Passion for History and an Eye for Aesthetics

Art history is a valuable major in a world in which information and thoughts are increasingly communicated through visual media. As an art history student at Queens, you will learn how to sharpen your perception of visual images. From cave painting to contemporary performance art, you will explore this means of communication with a concern for form, meaning and cultural context.

"I've always loved art. I just didn't know I could build a career in it until I came to Queens." – Hannah Caddell '14
Art History major

Art history major Alexys Taylor

Sample Courses

  • The Birth of Art
  • Faith versus Humanism
  • From Exploration to Revolution
  • The Rise of Modernism
  • The Age of Revolution
  • The Arts in the World
  • Creative Literacy
  • Black Mountain College

Commonly Paired Minors

Study Abroad art programs
Extended ClassroomStudy Abroad
Almost 80% of students participate in our study abroad program, which offers incredible opportunities -- like traveling to see art around the world at museums such as the Museo del Bargello in Florence, Italy.
Art internships
Extended ClassroomInternships
Art history students have landed impressive internships, ranging from art galleries around the world to apprenticeships with local artists.
Art Club
Clubs and OrganizationsArt Club
Join others passionate about art in QUAC, or Queens University Art Club, to work on projects to beautify campus, hone your talents and promote a vibrant art scene on campus.


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