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Develop critical thinking and writing skills that can be applied to many different careers. 

As a literature major, you’ll discover how great books have reflected the world and changed it. You’ll develop the kind of critical thinking and writing skills that can be applied to many different careers. As you study the history of literature and the signature works of some of the greatest writers who’ve ever lived, you will explore the different ways that culture and history shape each other. You’ll read closely and discuss great ideas in class, deepening essential skills in research, argumentation and writing.

And, of course, by reading great books, you’ll be enriched in ways that go far beyond the rewards of your future profession.


Charlie Bedell

"My English professors have given me the freedom to explore my interests and make big goals, from topics for research projects, all the way to career ambitions and graduate school, and I feel like they are right beside me through the entire process even when it gets intimidating." -Charlie Bedell '18


Our English majors have held internships at various magazines, small presses, organizations and businesses. More specifically, some have interned with:

  • Charlotte Arts and Science Council
  • Carolina Actors Studio
  • The Charlotte Observer
  • Charlotte Arts Magazine
  • Charlotte Magazine
  • Creative Loafing News
  • Pro-Edit Incorporated
  • Jefferson Pilot Insurance
  • Smart Start

Explore internship opportunities at Queens.

After You Graduate

Our English majors have gone on to attain employment in publishing, editing, newspaper and television journalism, copywriting and advertising. We also have graduates who have become employees in a variety of non-traditional fields ranging from financial institutions to small businesses contexts. Our English majors also have the option to attain licensure to teach English at the secondary level (grades 9-12) in collaboration with our Cato School of Education.

Some of our alumni have pursued graduate studies in literature, creative writing, teaching, drama and law. Some of our students furthering their study in English have attended New York University, Purdue, Sarah Lawrence, Tulane, George Mason University, UNC-Greensboro, University of Iowa and University of Washington.

Literary study abroad trip to Dublin
Extended ClassroomStudy Abroad
English lit majors have many study abroad options to enrich their studies. Recently, Irish literature students traveled on a faculty-led trip to Dublin during Bloomsday, a holiday commemorating James Joyce and his novel, Ulysses.
Amy Chapman
Student StoriesAmy Chapman '16
"When I came to Queens, I was an aspiring writer. As I poured over the work of literary greats like Jane Austen, Zadie Smith, and Thomas Hardy, I was inspired to actually be a writer. Because of the engaging English classes at Queens and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland (where I studied abroad), I found my writing voice, put pen to paper, and started offering my words to the world."
Signet literary journal
Extended ClassroomLiterary Journal
Calling all creative writers: join Signet, our literary magazine, to learn about the publishing process and to plan campus readings and events with fellow writers.

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