Minor IN Human Services Studies

Blair College of Health

Interprofessional Health Studies Department

On Campus

Requirements for a Minor in Human Services Studies


HSS 101 Intro to Human Service Studies

HSS 220 Generalist Case Management

Select for 12 credit hours:

HSS 200 The Helping Relationship

HSS 220 Generalist Case Management

HSS 250 Social Science Research Methods

HSS 300 Leading Groups and Communities

HSS 310 Vulnerable Populations

HSS 320 Play Therapy

HSS 330 Parenting in Contemporary Society

HSS 340 Families as Systems

HSS 350 Chemical Dependency

HSS 360 Independent Study in Human Service Studies

HSS 375 Administration of Non-Profits

HSS 385 Program Evaluations and Outcomes

HSS 390 Topics in Human Service Studies

HSS 398 Topics: International Preparation

HSS 399 International Experience

HSS 400 Ethical and Cultural Issues

HSS 450 Senior Seminar in Human Services

HSS 460 Advanced Research Project

*PSY 300/301 may be substituted for HSS/SOC 250 with permission of advisor.

Total: 20 Hrs.


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