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The study of philosophy enhances your critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. 

Studying philosophy has intrinsic and practical benefits. Literally meaning "love of wisdom," philosophy is the inquiry into fundamental questions like: What is the good life? What is real? How can humans know? How do humans create and discover meaning in life?

When you become a student of philosophy you will significantly enhance your critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. Our curriculum offers both breadth and depth by combining a historical approach with an exploration of specific topics, issues, and thinkers. You will find philosophy to be a valuable major, or minor paired with another major like business or psychology. Many of our students find interest in the Critical Thought Symposium, an innovative and interactive education experience with scholarship potential.

Philosophy majors nationwide average at or near the top of the LSAT test for law school admission.

The philosophy department is closely linked to Queens' Center for Ethics and Religion, giving philosophy majors unique opportunities to meet and learn from internationally known scholars like Dr. Holmes Rolston, the Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne and author and journalist Krista Tippett. 


Philosophy majors have interned at the Mint Museum, Charlotte law firms, Habitat for Humanity, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Explore internship opportunities at Queens.

When You Graduate

Our graduates have had success in gaining acceptance into law school at University of North Carolina, University of Virginia and Wake Forest University, and graduate schools including the University of Texas, Rice University and University of South Carolina. Our philosophy majors have been successful in a variety of careers. They have become lawyers, editors, bankers, civic advocates and teachers. Some have also gone on to serve in the Peace Corps. Learn more about the Power of Philosophy, in regards to GRE, GMAT and LSAT scores, as well on salary potential.

Philosophy study abroad program
Extended ClassroomStudy Abroad
Philosophy majors have unforgettable international experiences. Recent students have studied in China, visiting Confucian temples and even hiking Buddhist and Taoist sacred mountains.
Ethics Bowl philosophy competition
Extended ClassroomEthics Bowl
Ethics Bowl is a statewide competition that gives students an opportunity to think instinctively and collaboratively about how to make ethical decisions, while giving them a chance to meet leaders from across the state who serve as judges.
Cheryl Gregory
Student StoryCheryl Gregory '17
"When I pursued philosophy, things began to click for me. I began to understand the bigger picture. The self. The soul. The world. Societies and how they’re formed. And it’ll take me into Duke in the fall into my master's program."

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