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Personal advising to help you explore a potential career in law

The Queens Pre-Law Advising Program is designed to work one-on-one with students, helping you understand the legal profession, evaluating if a career in law is a good fit, and, if so, earning admissions to the law school that best fits your personal professional goals.

Becoming an attorney involves a serious and substantial investment of time and energy. The decision to attend law school is one you should not make lightly. We've created this personal, one-on-one advising program to become an important part of your Queens experience. We want to help you explore a potential career in the law, and we want to prepare you for success in whatever field you ultimately choose. 

How will Queens prepare me for a career in the law?

Good lawyers can think critically and analytically; reason logically; read, understand, and explain complicated texts; and effectively communicate complex ideas accurately and objectively. Your Queens education—regardless of college or major—will provide you with these and other universally transferable skills. Moreover, the Queens Pre-Law Advising Program provides formal programming that will put these skills in the context of the law. Through one-on-one advising with the Pre-Law Advisor, panel presentations by legal professionals, and internship opportunities, you will learn what it is that lawyers do.

Which major should I choose?

You should choose a major that will both excite your intellect and challenge you to develop your skills as a thinker, reader, and writer. There is no “best” major for students heading to law school—the choice of major should be an individual decision driver by your own curiosity, strengths, and weaknesses. Queens does offer a minor in Legal Studies. Pursuing the Legal Studies minor will expose you to a variety of law-related courses and will serve both to give you a better sense of what you might do in a legal career and to develop the critical skills needed for success in law school and the legal profession.

Can I still participate in the Queens Pre-Law Advising Program if I’m not sure I want to go to law school?

Yes! Law school is not for everyone. The primary purpose of the Queens Pre-Law Advising Program is to help students determine whether they want to pursue a career in the law. If you have any level of interest in or curiosity about the law, you should participate in Queens Pre-Law Advising events along with the student-run Pre-Law Society, which holds regular meetings and sponsors off-campus visits to law schools.

How will Queens help me get into law school?

If you decide that you want to go to law school, the Queens Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Aaron Houck, will work with you personally to create a list of targeted law schools and to develop a plan to create the strongest possible application. Success in law school admissions depends critically on your undergraduate GPA and your LSAT score. The Pre-Law Advising Program offers many opportunities to suggest strategies for studying for the LSAT (and, yes, you can and should study for the LSAT!). But your law school applications will also include personal statements, letters of recommendation, and other materials—Dr. Houck will work with you to help you develop a competitive portfolio.

Who will be my Pre-Law Advisor?

The Pre-Law Advisor at Queens is Dr. Aaron Houck, who teaches courses in the Political Science Department. But before changing careers to become a professor, Dr. Houck was an attorney. He graduated from Harvard Law School and practiced law at Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, a large Charlotte law firm. Dr. Houck is active in national and regional pre-law advising associations, organizations whose membership includes law school admissions officials as well as pre-law advisors.

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For more information on pre-law advising at Queens, please contact Dr. Aaron Houck at houcka@queens.edu.

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