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Providing Personalized Advising and Liberal Arts Advantages for Students Embarking on Health Careers

To be successful in a health career, you need to care about people and connect with them on a personal level. Strong classes in STEM--science, technology, engineering, and math--combined with a liberal arts education best prepare our students for a successful career in a health care profession. Internships and international travel experiences add to the excellent undergraduate preparation for a career in health care. 

We invite you to explore how we can share your journey and prepare you for a successful career in health care.

How will Queens prepare me for a healthcare career?

As a first year student, you will be assigned a Royal Advisor who will be your primary academic advisor for your first few semesters at Queens. Throughout your career at Queens, you will be aided by advisors who will guide your academic choices based upon your goals.

What major should I choose?

Choose a major that most interests you. You can major in any department here while completing the required pre-requisites for your professional school of choice. You can choose to major in a natural science or major in another department and still fulfill your pre-requisite courses over the four years. Your Royal Advisor will guide you for your course selection based on your choice of major.

How will Queens prepare me for success?

A strong liberal arts education will best prepare you for success in any healthcare profession. The combination of general education, your major content, internships, and international travel experiences will provide an excellent opportunity to prepare yourself to understand and navigate a successful career in the rapidly changing field of health care.

What are some healthcare career options I can explore at Queens?

You have more career options in the field of healthcare than you may realize. To view the many possibilities, visit sites such as explorehealthcareers.org and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about careers that may interest you.

We offer a variety of paths that empower you to achieve your goals in a health career, including entry-level programs that prepare you for licensure (such as music therapy and nursing) and also programs leading to advanced degrees (such as pre-med and pre-vet). For example, our Blair College of Health prepares students for fields such as human service studies, exercise and sport science, and health promotion. Or you may decide to pursue a major in another department while working with a pre-health or pre-vet advisor to guarantee a path that best suits your professional interests and goals.

Healthcare Career Options

Explore some of our healthcare career options:

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To learn about pre-health and pre-vet opportunities at Queens, please contact Pre-Health and Pre-Vet Advisor Dr. Patricia Koplas, PhD, PT, at koplasp@queens.edu or 704-337-2203.

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