Moravian Love Feast

Belk Chapel
Belk Chapel
Queens University of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28274

Please join us in this long-standing tradition at Queens, consisting of readings from scripture, singing of Christmas carols and beautiful music from the Queens Chorale. A simple meal of Moravian sweet buns and light coffee is served while the congregation enjoys fellowship among friends, family and neighbors. Beeswax candles are lit and passed at the end for the singing of the closing hymn. The Moravian Love Feast marks the beginning of the Christmas season, and encourages spirituality and fellowship among students.

It celebrates Christmas with lessons drawn from Old and New Testament stories read by students, anthems performed by The Chorale, an offering in support of the Guatemala mission trip, a blessing that leads to fellowship over coffee and sweet cakes, and a recessional by candlelight to a nearby Christmas tree.

The event is organized by Belk Chapel and the Moravian Love Feast Student Committee.

Sunday, December 03, 2017


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