Nola the Dog

Our Director of Stress Reduction is Here to Lend a Paw


College can a stressful time of juggling classes, work and social life. Nola, our four-legged Director of Stress Reduction, is here to help.



Nola works at Queens full-time with the Health and Wellness Center, and she's ready to ease students’ stress through walks, jogs or wet kisses. Some students take Nola for a morning walk before an exam, realizing that a walk with a dog is a great way to ease anxiety before a test. Other students make Nola a partner in their work-out goals: one student went on a jog with Nola every day during her time at Queens, as the two joined each other in becoming healthy and strong. And if you want to make new friends on campus?  You won't have to walk with her far before people will approach you, asking to pet her.

Other times, Nola is here simply to be company. The Health and Wellness staff have noticed that Nola seems to know when a student is in need of a friend. She'll lay with a sick student who's being treated for the flu, or sit with a student during a counseling session.


Nola serves as the marshall for the annual book drive for kids

The Golden Leash Award

Because so many students reach out to take care of Nola with walks and jogs and love, the Health and Wellness Center have created the annual Golden Leash Award for the student who reaches out to Nola in an especially caring way.

Come by the Health and Wellness Center to meet Nola. She just might be the most popular Royal on campus.

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